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Lush's new Jelly Bombs

So recently, Lush have unveiled a new range of products called "Jelly Bombs" which they describe as "The next stage in the evolution of bathing". The jelly bombs are used just like an ordinary bath bomb, however, as well as releasing pretty colours and scents, these jelly bombs also release a sodium alginate jelly. After seeing multiple posts online about these revolutionary bath bombs I decided it was time for me to experience one for myself; and so, today I headed down to my local Lush store to see what they were all about.
When I entered the store I spotted the jelly bomb range immediately as they were displayed on their own in the centre of the store. The range includes 4 different jelly bombs; dark arts, green coconut, the big sleep and marmalade. All four jelly bombs are similar in shape and size however they differ in colour and each one has a symbol on one side that relates to their name, which personally I think it a clever little touch. In my experience,…

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